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Our programmers and designers have extensive experience and proficiency in building efficient and trustworthy MySQL databases with development and integration. Our MySQL experts evaluate database infrastructure and needs to offer scalable and high-performing database system. We make sure to match all your database development needs in the affordable ways.

MySQL Consulting

We are a renowned MySQL Database Solution Provider, which is specialized in offering the best consulting services for MySQL current and all its preceding versions running on windows and Linux windows.

Architecture & Designing

Our MySQL experts have capability of creating excellent architecture and design for data warehousing, online applications and data collection.

Performance Modification

Our MySQL development team assists in boosting database performance and resource management. Our experts also analyze the errors with existing performance, schema and offer suggestions for it.

Database Migration

We provide appropriate services for cost evaluation, migration analysis, and preparation to accomplish maximum cost saving linked by putting back your data with MYSQL.


DOTS provides complete suite of manual and automated security testing services.


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DOTS is the best Mongodb development company, which deals with all the features of MongoDB development from designing, prototype, consulting, and development to the application utilization. We specialize to deal into the designing, application code, and prototyping to assist the customers create schema design, application design, query optimization, and enterprise scaling and create applications matching with various uses across the various industry verticals. Our depth proficiency and broad experience in the open-source technologies permits us to create solutions that mixes technology platform with MongoDb.

MONGODB Assessment

MONGODB Assessment Getting an assessment is very important for effective business procedures. MongoDB will be a good suite for your business procedures, in the case of your existing solution is not satisfactory.

MONGODB Development & Design

With depth knowledge and expertise in the database development, we have many years of experience in MongoDB development. By selecting us for your MongoDB development needs, we truly promise to improve the capabilities of your database management system.

MONGODB Integration

For the best application performance, we integrate with your existing enterprise applications such as Alfresco, CRM, ERP, Liferay, Drupal, Talend and many more.

MONGODB Maintenance & Support

By solving your queries fast and eliminating blockers, our 24x7 MONGODB Maintenance & Support keeps your MongoDB operation running efficiently and successfully.


DOTS provides complete suite of manual and automated security testing services.

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Firebase is a mobile app development framework built on Google infrastructure which tends to add agility and simplicity to product development, integration, enhancement, bug fixes& release processes, it also contributes for the app marketing, user engagement, and user experience.Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from Google Cloud Platform. It improves on the successes of the real-time database with a new, store and sync your data also supports faster queries, and scales better than the real-time database.

Cloud Firestore

Store and sync data between users and devices - at global scale - using a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database. Cloud Firestore gives you live synchronization and offline support along with efficient data queries.

Firebase ML

Bring powerful machine learning features to your mobile app. Firebase ML helps you deploy custom ML models optimized for on-device inference, which reduces your initial app installation size and lets you more easily make updates.

Cloud Functions

Extend your app with custom backend code without needing to manage and scale your own servers. Functions can be triggered by events, which are emitted by Firebase products, Google Cloud services, or third parties, using webhooks.

Realtime Database

Realtime Database is Firebase's original database. It's an efficient, low-latency solution for mobile apps that require synced states across clients in realtime. We recommend Cloud Firestore instead of Realtime Database for most developers starting a new project..


Firebase helps mobile and web app teams succeed

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Build better apps

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