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An HTML5-based framework, jQuery Mobile is used to develop responsive web sites and cross-platform mobile apps. With ThemeRoller, that leverages CSS3 properties, customization of themes has become easy like never before. Its compatibility with mobile frameworks like PhoneGap, Cordova makes it a complete solution for hybrid mobile app development If you are looking for a fast and economic solution to tap into the growing heterogeneous smartphone app market, a jQuery Mobile app development service provider can be your best bet.


Advantages Of jQuery Mobile App Development

With a wide array of mobile devices in the market, care should be taken when developing apps that load faster, are highly customized and functional across multiple platforms. Mobile application development using jQuery Mobile is faster when compared to other frameworks.


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JavaScript or jQuery: Which is Better for your Business Web Development?

The use of Java as a runtime environment can be seen in every sphere of the digital world. However, the demands have evolved quickly on the internet over the past few years and will continue to do so. In today's day and age, web applications have become far more dynamic and need quick and flexible environments to develop them in the shortest possible time.


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