Farmming Solutions

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Farmming Solutions

DOTS offers total digital Farmming Solutions for your business. As a premier website development company, we help you engage the attention of your coustumers through an attractive and dynamic web presence. Our expert web developers fully understand your bservices requisites while creating a robust, responsive, scalable, feature rich, and SEO friendly health services website at cost effective rates. As a leading real estate web design company, we give your brand the much needed boost and your business the most awaited leads.

Our Work

The Key Features of our Smart Farming Services

Smart farming dashboard

We offers Integration with third-party analytics frameworks and solutions for advanced analytics and machine learning and also Customizable end-user dashboards to share farm monitoring results

Farm Management Solution

Robust & flexible system for Farm Management
Traceability & Output Predictability
Accountable & Efficient Operations
Standard package of practices
Satellite and weather input based advisory
Crop reports & insights – easy reporting on-the-go
Geo tagging for accountability & accurate predictability


Virtual Farming Websites

GPS – based Application development for web

Farming Management Systems

Incorporates end-to-end solutions from farm to fork traceability

Connect with the farmers community and share information

Farming Mobility Enablement

GPS – based Application development for mobile platforms

Cloud-based services for weather, maps, connected equipment etc.

Wearable device integration

. Alert Log & Management (pest infestation, diseases etc.)

FarmBot System Integrations

Check soil moisture levels

Keep track of farm feeds

Get aerial view of the farmland and live streaming of farm activities

Detect water levels in tanks on their mobile device or desktops

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