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Webguru Infosystems offers end to end eLearning solutions for the educational institutions and corporates. As a premier website development company , we help you facilitate the learning and training of students or trainees through a dynamic, engaging and easy to use eLearning software suite. Our comprehensive eLearning management system helps you to host, upload, monitor, assess, and administer computer based learning. As a leading eLearning solutions provider, we provide you with a powerful yet simple learning/training interface for the students and trainees; both in offline and online mode.


Our E-Learning Solution Work

DOTS mentor registration direction

We make your dream true to study abroad by providing assistant to find admission and accommodation.We make your dream true to study abroad by providing assistant to find admission and accommodation.

The Salient Features Of The Elearning Software

Quick Enrollment Process

The students or trainees can enrol into any of the courses/batches as per their convenience and make payments. On the other hand, you can make use of the portal's bulk enrolment facility and admit students in large numbers for specific courses/batches.



a quick overview of our course process

The state of the art eLearning management tool provides you with the facility of uploading course materials in the form of engaging videos and PDFs pertaining to any subject or training module. The course materials can be easily managed at your end through additions, deletions, or modifications. A student or trainee can visit the relevant section(s) of the eLearning portal and access course materials for which he or she has enrolled.

Importance of E-Learning Services!


1. Just-in-time accessibility for worldwide employees

2. Provides employees with ongoing access to key resources

3. Increased Learner Engagement And Knowledge Retention

4. Increased Collaboration And Ability To Measure Effectiveness

5. Quick Delivery Of Lessons.

6. E-Learning is environmentally friendly

7. Learn from the comfort of your own home

8. Focused Learning with Flexibility

Content management

Content management features allowed to upload existing documents, videos and exams, and link learners to web content also learning materials and events can be shared between courses.The curriculum, learning materials and evaluations will be organized into a meaningful and effective learning path

Web and Mobile Apps

The choice of “web” apps that work on multiple browsers and downloadable “mobile” apps designed specifically for Android and iOS platforms.The mobile-enabled content adjusts as per individual user’s device and browser window size.An integrated video-player renders video-based content which is perfect for the learner on-the-go.

Reporting and tracking

A good LMS doesn’t just assess learners, it helps the organization assess the learning system. Exam reports analyze exam performance to help ensure the validity and accuracy of the exam.Reports on which learners have completed particular learning items and which learners have not.Track learners’ progress through a learning path.

Testing and assessment

Flexible testing and assessment options are almost always consideTrack learners’ progress through a learning path.Features that we includes System support pre-tests and post-tests, formative assessments supported or must learners pass all evaluations,available questions asked, or can random questions be pulled from a test bank etc


A simple User Interface (UI)

Employees,Students and Courses Managment

Supervising student and teachers logs

Intuitive content authoring tool

Webinar and Appointment Managment

Reporting system

Adding course , project and Course Filter

Grade Progress and Evaluation

Student Activity

Webinar and Appointment Managment

Tools For Testing And Assessment

Online Course Builder, pools and Surveys

Collaboration Of Various Learning Tools

Strong Reporting With Customization

Online Course Catalogs

Self Registration

Availability Features include inscriptions and captions to suit online students

Accreditation Support

What we offer

The eLearning website allows you to set up the class schedule for various courses or training programmes. For online classes, the students or trainees can visit the relevant section of the eLearning solutions portal and find out details of the classes. The portal gives users the facility of accessing the video recordings of all courses/training programs irrespective of the day/week/month/year.


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